Ethereum is a destructive stuff for web3!

With the growth of blockchain technology, it keeps changing the world. It makes our Internet be more transparent and having higher level of security. 

In recent years, Bitcoin creates lots of discussions and critics. People in general associate it with illegal activities and evil money, but actually it is a very very realistic example in the success of blockchain application in real world!

Please note that, blockchain is not equal of Bitcoin, but Bitcoin's operation relies on blockchain technology. Similarly, Bitcoin is not an only crytocurrency but many many alternative coins do exist. For example Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin are quite popular. An indispensable one, Ethereum, a very promising public blockchain infrastructure in the coming future! It allows individual developers deploying smart contract to a sophisticated public network in which stakeholders of a contract all understand the contract details, things fairly without cheating, an awesome environment to replace ordinary online casino!



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